Beautifully Ruined

I love abandoned places or ruins. Just like people, they are broken and used but still beautiful.
A. Shea
Guisborough Priory, North Yorkshire, England


Empaths are some of the most beautiful souls. 


Life is strange. Saturday, I had a day where all seemed to be possible and moving in the right direction. I experienced something new, made a great memory and physically surprised myself. Sunday, immediately followed and I couldn’t lift my head until 9pm and missed out on something beautiful I had been planning on attending for a month. I know I’ve grown, because at the end of both of these days, despite the wondering how I could have done it all or done it better or made everyone happier (normal, self-critiquing, lupie talk), I was able to genuinely say, “It was a great day to be alive!”. Because, you know, there is always a possibility that tomorrow will be another Saturday. Some days might just have to be in preparation of that.

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